[Marxism] Re: Albert in Kerryland

Ilyenkova at aol.com Ilyenkova at aol.com
Fri Jul 30 21:11:10 MDT 2004

Tony Writes:
.Could it be that he really resents Nader for allowing Camejo on board?
Nah, Michael's not like that, for sure.  He's the why can't we all be nice 
to other ABB anarcho jefe.  He gets my vote for the most pedantic and 
devious ABB Kerry endorsement of them all.  But that´s the type of politics 
he´s good at.<

We're speaking of the same Albert who penned the nutty "Parecon" book, what 
with its "balanced job complexes" (sounds like something from corporate Total 
Quality Mangement Human Resources hoohah)? Could Michael Albert resent Nader 
for linking up with Camejo, the former Trotskyist lightning rod? Hello!
 Parecon aside, in his postings on Znet, and in his debates with Marxists 
like Alan Maass and Alex Callinicos, Albert has displayed the kind of 
condescending disdain for the very word "Marxism" one associates with the most hidebound 
anarchist. Speaking of anarchists, isn't it characteristically anarchist to 
weasel into some imagined space between apolitical bottom-up localism and the 
most abject reformism? In Spain (with the exception of the Friends of Durutti) 
the anarchists swung from virulent anti-statist control of local land and 
factories to entry into the popular front government, and finally betrayal of their 
own comrades during the battle for Barcelona. As we used to say, is this not 
the inner logic of consistent anarchism?  Analogies between today's Albert, 
ABB and Spain, might seem stretched, but if one reads his stuff on the 
"coordinator" class which ostensibly rules Cuba and virtually everyplace else in the 
world, regardless of  property relations, isn't it just old anarchist wine in 
new age Parecon bottles. Not to sound like a Spart, but does anyone take this 
guy, or ZNet, seriously anymore?

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