[Marxism] Re: Ali G

David Quarter davidquarter at sympatico.ca
Fri Jul 23 22:04:46 MDT 2004

The whining Mine Doyran wrote:

> David wrote:
> >And  I
> >said that for someone who is non-Arab (indeed, Jewish) to come
> >with a character called Ali. G seems inappropriate, and indeed
> >racist.
> Frankly, this debate seems to have dried out. Can somebody shut it off?  If
> a Jewish guy using an arab name is "racist' and "inappropriate," then you
> are an anti-semite for criticizing Cohen. I know this makes NO sense, but
> this is the most appropriate response you deserve.

 And consistent with my newly assigned status, from now on I'll be 
calling myself, Shlomo B.

Yo, I be running my bagel shop by day , and bagging bi**hes by 


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