[Marxism] Ali G anti-Irish British Bigot

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Jul 23 18:26:11 MDT 2004

DoC wrote:
> A chairde,
> I think I'm taking a line from Melvin's spiel. Take now crap from the
> petit-bourgeoisie.

I'm sorry. Is taking the wrong position on Ali G like a scratch that 
will turn into gangrene? Somebody go fetch the idodine straightaway.

> Ali G is a scum-bag English anti-Republican, anti-socialist, anti-women
> bigot... see below.

I was under the impression that he was a clown. Perhaps you had somebody 
like Ian Paisley in mind, except I don't think he was a comedian.

> It is a positive disgrace that so called socialists could support his
> anti-women statements. 

We support socialism. Nobody "supports" Ali G. He was mentioned as an 
interesting cultural phenomenon--that's about it. Yesterday morning 
Michael Moore was a guest on the Howard Stern show; it was a virtual 
lovefest. There is nobody more retrograde on race and gender than Howard 
Stern, but he has been blasting the war in Iraq for several months now. 
We have to understand that our role as revolutionaries is to develop a 
strategy for overthrowing capitalism. Characters such as Howard Stern, 
Ali G, Archie Bunker, the Simpsons, Chico Marx, Huckleberry Finn et al 
will never pass muster in the revolutionary party, but it is pointless 
to make a litmus test out of them.

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