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While reading Louis's and the others comments on the Myth of the 'Good 
War' I was reminded o a few books I recently read on this very subject.

The Myth of the Good War: America in the Second World War by Jacques R. 
Pauwels. The author teaches at the University of Western Ontario I 
believe and hold PhD's in Political Science and History. The book was 
originally published in Dutch, and because of rave-reviews and a large 
sale volume it was translated into German, French, Italian and finally 
English. I found it to be an interesting discussion of the real reasons 
for World War II. This book easily dispells the myth of the valiant 
fight against the evil Nazi State and shows the war for what it truly 
was and not the myth we have all been told. A write-up on the book can 
be found here: http://www.merlinpress.co.uk/merlin/New_titles/myth.htm

Another interesting book comes from Black Rose Books, an Anarchist 
publishing collective out of Montreal, and it offers a much more concise 
critique of the motives of the leaders of the western Powers and of the 
Soviet Union. I personally do nto agree with all of the author 
contentions, but it is still an excellent read for anyone interested in 
this sibject. The book is titled, The People as Enemy: The Leaders' Real 
Agenda in World War II , by John Spritzler, (Black Rose Books, 2003). A 
review of the book can be found here: 
http://www.commonvoice.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/stratman.htm. the publishers 
also have a webpage for this book and it can be found here: 


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