[Marxism] Re: Ali G

Ben C minnows at connexus.net.au
Fri Jul 23 00:04:55 MDT 2004

Einde wrote:

 > No it's not pathetic for a white guy to act black - but some of these
 > white guys from the suburbs are quite pathetic - mainly because they
 > miss the point and pick up a stereotype.

David Quarter wrote "I agree" in relation to that, just after he wrote

 > Whether it was his intention to be or not (though I imagine not),
 > coming up with character called Ali G. is an unavoidably political
 > act and, I dare say, racist.

So now the problem is racism against Arabs, not African Americans.

Having agreed with the initial quote by Einde above, what is wrong with 
satirising these young white guys who copy the twisted stereotype of 
black rapper culture?

I really think some of the people on this list just don't get it, any 
more than the public figures interviewed by Ali G get it, that he's 
making fun of them (and a number of other people simultaneously). 
Misinterpretation is really out of the question since Einde has spelt 
out very clearly:

> But this isn't what he's doing at all - he's satirising a type of WHITE 
> individual to be found in British suburbs - young men who would like to 
> be black and who try to dress and talk like stereotype rappers because 
> they think it's cool, much cooler than being a nerd or a dweeb (or 
> whatever the current term is) from the suburbs.

There's no accounting for sense of humour I guess.

Ben C

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