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> Who are
> the worker's candidates in 2004?   Are NASCAR dad's workers?  well isn't
> their candidate W?  And another problem of anachronism (something neither
> Marx nor Engels were ever really guilty of but very attent to the context in
> which an utterance was made or position taken ditto Lenin)  is the entirely
> different character of elections in 1850 and 2004.  But what I really don't
> understand is the election that Marx is referring to.  Is that an internal
> election within the Communist League which wasn't yet the workers party??
> Was it a national election in England??  And what would exactly be
> comparable to a candidate of the Communist League today, someone from a
> group that had stood at the head of the only revolutionary class, the
> proletariat??  Who??  Is that question even really relevant in todays much
> more complex system of class relationships engendered minimally by the
> privileged position of the American (and European?) working class in the
> context of the globalized capitalist system?

You know, lost among all the furore regarding whether Cobb or Nader is the 
> suitable candidate to represent the Left in this year's election, is the 
> fact that there are also candidates running on an avowedly socialist ticket. 
> The Peace and Freedom Party are running, with Leonard Peltier as their 
> candidate, and so are the Workers World Party, with John Parker as their candidate.

Perhaps we'd do well to consider that Nader and Cobb, both, are at best left 
leaning liberals hailing from the middle class intelligentsia. They can only 
succeed in pulling us from a revolutionary position to a reformist one. 

Personally, as a Marxist, I reject the upcoming bourgeois elections. That is 
why I shall be supporting a candidate standing on a revolutionary socialist 
platform, not in the hope of winning (of course not) but as an opportunity to 
recruit new adherents to socialism.

The choice between two Yale-educated millionaires is no choice at all.


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