[Marxism] Re: ISO and Cuba

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 16 13:01:55 MDT 2004

Sam Farber is much more than a "critic from the left"
of the Cuban government. Sam Farber is in favor of 
the OVERTHROW of the Cuban government, presumably by
"the workers", whoever they might be. It is natural
that Sam Farber would feel at home in the pages of
the International Socialist Review, since they, like
Farber, favor the OVERTHROW of the Cuban government. 

Some think it's unfair to point this out, but it IS
the political position of the ISO as an organization:

"But what compels the Castro regime to use these methods in
opposing the designs of U.S. imperialism is the hard fact
that it is a government not run by its people, not
controlled by its workers. This is also why Castro chose to
crush the band of dissidents, while their stage manager,
James Cason, sips piña coladas in the comfort of his
diplomatic residence in Havana.

"Cuba is a class society in which class inequality is
growing much like in the rest of Latin America–even if some
of those who correctly defend its right to
self-determination prefer to bury their heads in the sand
and refuse to acknowledge it. Revolutionary socialists are
not in the business of advising Castro how to rule more or
less effectively."
FULL: http://www.isreview.org/issues/30/cuba.shtml 

Walter Lippmann

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