[Marxism] Stephen Gowans on Fahrenheit 9/11 and Robert Jensen

RWRAINEY5 at aol.com RWRAINEY5 at aol.com
Tue Jul 6 17:33:04 MDT 2004

I have to laugh a bit whenever the wizened heads of the Left urge us to "save 
our vote" and "instead" put our resources into some non-electoral exercise.   
And always with the word "building" thrown in.   Well, yes, building 
movements is important, but so isn't working in the electoral arena, and not 
necessarily as Democrats.  I favor a frankly Communist or Left program that is not 
afraid to publicly challenge the orthodoxies of our time.   Perhaps if we had a 
few more of these, we would not be so despairing when we witness our capitalist 
politicians acting like....capitalist politicians.

It's what a "wizened" head in my union said in response to the criticism of 
Farenheit 911:  So, go out and make your own movie!

Tongue in cheek, though respectfully,


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