[Marxism] Fahrenheit 9/11 Breaks Records in Military Town

David Quarter davidquarter at sympatico.ca
Sat Jul 3 11:17:58 MDT 2004

 It's one of those army communities, right?

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Derek Seidman <derekseidman at yahoo.com> wrote: >July 2nd, 
2004 4:44 pm
>Fahrenheit 9/11 Breaks Records in Military Town

>"'Fahrenheit 9/11' sets record"
>By Matt Leclercq / The Fayetteville Observer (North
>June 29, 2004

What's significant about this, is that Fort Bragg, near Fayetteville is 
not just any army post. Bragg is the home of some of the most 
"elite" army units-the 82nd Airborne Division, Special Forces, and 
Delta force.


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