[Marxism] FWD: Argentines Burn U.S. Flag to Protest SendingTroops to Haiti

David Walters dwalters at igc.org
Fri Jul 2 10:32:32 MDT 2004

Hi Nestor, et al,
  I only posted this because it's the first report manifestation of 
opposition to what the Argentine gov't is doing... in Argentina. I 
haven't a clue about this group, not having ever heard of them, nor 
could I care (albeit I am interested and thankful for your analysis of 

 From my vantage point, in the US, I see Argentina and Brazil trying to 
make kissee-face with the US while at the same time seeking distance on 
how to establish 'fair trade' between these two blocks. "Yes, we do 
what we want, but we'll help you restore 'order' to our fellow Latin 
Americans in Haiti, better us than you...". So when I see anybody 
opposing the occupation of Haiti, I'm glad, even if their methods suck.

Regardless of how important the 'popularization' of the Armed forces is 
in Argentina, it's irrelevant in terms of the role... new role?... they 
want to play internationally vis-a-vis the US...which must be analsyed 
in it's own terms from the point of view of US imperialism, and Haitian 

Thank you for the analysis, it's well thought out and fascinating.


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