[Marxism] My blog

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Jul 2 06:34:45 MDT 2004

Whether or not they might seem narcissistic, they are here to stay. My 
main intention in getting one going was to learn about how to exploit 
their technical features so that I can help others get started. I can 
think of lots of people who might have really interesting blogs, or 
might have had if they were still with us--like Mark Jones. I think that 
a Jim Craven blog would be *very* interesting, as would be ones for 
Henry Liu, Hunter Gray and Fred Feldman.

I check in certain blogs on a daily basis. Norm Geras's and Marc 
Cooper's to see what the cruise-missile left is up to. Crooked Timber 
and Scott McLemee, because they are interesting despite having dubious 
politics. And, best of all, Ken McLeod--the ex-Trotskyist science 
fiction writer.

When you really break it down, it is simply a way for non-technical 
people to maintain a website. Instead of mastering html and worrying 
about ftp, all you have to do is publish directly to something like 
blogspot. This, in my opinion, takes the Internet to a higher and more 
democratic level.


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