[Marxism] The concept of "productive force" and the struggle for culture in the electronic age

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"Her face was life itself," Ovid says of Pygmalian's lovely ivory statue.
The myth is widely known and often used as an example of the interaction of
life and art. Pygmalian wished it literally so. He brought his stone figure
gifts of birds and jewelry and eventually prayers of animation. We know
those prayers were answered and the two married. She is never named in the

Complete text: http://www.cni.org/pub/LITA/Think/Henry.html

The transistor, invented by three scientists at the Bell Laboratories in
1947, rapidly replaced the vacuum tube as an electronic signal regulator. A
transistor regulates current or voltage flow and acts as a switch or gate
for electronic signals. A transistor consists of three layers of a
semiconductor material, each capable of carrying a current. A semiconductor
is a material such as germanium and silicon that conducts electricity in a
"semi-enthusiastic" way. It's somewhere between a real conductor such as
copper and an insulator (like the plastic wrapped around wires).

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Fan-in is a term that defines the maximum number of digital inputs that a
single logic gate can accept. Most transistor-transistor logic (TTL) gates
have one or two inputs, although some have more than two. A typical logic
gate has a fan-in of 1 or 2.

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Lost in Translation

Nominated for:
. Best Picture
. Best Director (Sofia Coppola)
. Best Actor (Bill Murray)
. Best Screenplay (Sofia Coppola)

Two Americans, a washed-up TV star (Bill Murray) in town for a TV whiskey
commercial shoot, and the young wife (Scarlett Johansson) of a photographer,
meet in Tokyo, Japan. The two lonely souls end up spending a weekend hanging
out together on a mutual journey of self-discovery.

Complete text: http://movies.yahoo.com/movies/feature/osc_03nominees.html

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