[Marxism] Save a real slow burn for A. Cockburn

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> Jurriaan:
>>You should have seen the response to what I wrote ! The infantile,
>>Hitler-Marxists go apeshit. They regard themselves as experts on judging
>>human character, politically or otherwise. How dare I suggest such a
>> thing !
>>Krugman was supposed to be a liberal scourge, a Clintonite arse-licker
>> and
>>what not besides.
> Actually the discussion on PEN-L was touched off by Alexander Cockburn's
> observation that:
> "Krugman is a press agent, a busker, for Clintonomics. For him as for so
> many others on the liberal side, the world only went bad in January, 2001.
> If a Democrat, pretty much any Democrat conventional enough to win Wall
> Street's approval, takes over again, maybe in 2005, the world will get
> better again."
> By Cockburn's standards, this is pretty mild. It is also true.

Lou, I assure you the world did not only go bad in January of 2001; and
Paul Krugman is one of our more serious critics of anything (e.g., is on
the lib-lab
circuit telling people that the sky is in fact falling), Cockburn's point
here generalizes
to a certain extent -- Democrats don't need solid left shills and solid
left shills
don't need those guys.


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