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These are great students that you've got. Please post
some more of your students' work.

--- "Craven, Jim" <JCraven at clark.edu> wrote:
> In my classes, as an extra-credit assignment, I ask
> the students for the
> following: "With respect to any culture, any period
> of history, any
> person(s) with real power, present a list of
> questions that would highly
> likely result in your death and/or your career being
> totally destroyed
> if posed."
> Some of the responses I get are truly amazing. Of
> course this exercise
> has many purposes and effects. It teaches them that
> the "permissible"
> limits of questioning and analysis need not be
> explicitly spelled out by
> the powers-that-be and are well understood and
> adhered to on a mass
> level and particularly by whoring academics,
> journalists, politicos,
> religious bodies etc. Why, for example, not one word
> about Skull and
> Bones, the nature of the organization, its methods
> of recruitment,
> agenda, provclivities, occult rituals, racism,
> misogyny, anti-Semitism,
> sexism, homophobia (yet homo-erotic rituals), felony
> thefts ("copping"
> or "crooking"), associations etc--all of which speak
> directly to the
> issue of the character--and fitness for access to
> nuclear codes and
> warmaking capabilities--(e.g. Bush and Kerry) of
> those who would seek to
> belong to it and be proud of membership in it?  
> 1) [Press Conference, Reich Chancellory, 1938] Mr.
> Hitler, you have
> often written and talked about the "Aryan
> Ideal"--blond, blue-eyed,
> tall, muscular, statuesque, etc--yet you are short,
> fat, overweight,
> pasty and anemic looking, with dark hair and brown
> eyes. Shouldn't the
> "Fuhrer" of a supposed  Aryan State look much more
> like the "Aryan
> Ideal" than you appear to look like? Do your own
> physical features not
> suggest that you yourself are some kind of "mongrel"
> racially and a
> candidate for your own methods to deal with
> non-Aryans?
> 2) [Press Conference, Washington D.C. 1803] Mr.
> Jefferson, given that a
> slave by definition is in no position to give truly
> free, informed and
> voluntary consent to do anything requested to do,
> does that fact not
> indicate that in addition to being a patent liar and
> hypocrite, your
> sexual activities with Sally Hemmings also make you
> also a rapist? And
> as a follow-up Mr. Jefferson, how could someone
> write all that flowery
> and eloquent stuff you wrote in the Declaration of
> Independence and in
> your letters and yet keep your own children and
> their mother in slavery?
> 3) [Press Conference, Washington, D.C. 2004] Mr.
> Bush, you continually
> make a public point of--and trade on--your supposed
> "born-again"
> Christianity. What kind of "Christian" is it that
> belongs to an occult
> secret society, as you and Kerry both do, that
> engages in ritualistic
> masturbation while laying naked in a coffin
> recounting one's supposed
> sexual history, felony thefts/holdings of remains of
> deceased Natives
> like Geronimo, patently racist rituals mocking
> victims like Abner Louima
> and the brutality he suffered at the hands of NYPD,
> promotion of racist
> eugenics and eugenics laws, graverobbing,
> Machiavellian schemes, covert
> support of outright nazis--past and present--and all
> sorts of Satanic or
> Satanic-like rituals?
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> controls the present
> controls the past." (George Orwell)
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> be proved seems
> disturbing to me...(Karl Marx, "Grundrisse")
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