[Marxism] resistance video

ykleftis at hushmail.com ykleftis at hushmail.com
Mon Dec 13 15:58:05 MST 2004

for those still confused about the moral and conceptual character 
of the iraqi resistance, this video in english might help:


do away with simple, eurocentric, ahistorical notions of islam, 
"feudalism", etc. educate yourself! of course there are criminals 
and fanatics in iraq as there are in the US, but this video puts 
forth coherently the principles at stake

this video displays *world historical* and *universal cultural* 

pass it around,


p.s. read through "behind the invasion of iraq" to sort out the 
issues raised in the video:  http://www.rupe-

also available as a book through monthly review press: 

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