[Marxism] Oh those "demented, sectarian" Greens (was Re: Socialists and the Australian elections)

Nick Fredman sra at scu.edu.au
Tue Aug 24 00:49:45 MDT 2004

Bob is back! It's been so long, we've missed so much reading about 
the surreal, demented, sectarian DSP/Socialist Alliance in Australia.

Seriously though, Bob has said a number of times that the Greens have 
a much better united front policy towards Labor than what could be 
termed the Demented Surrealist Perspective. So what that the DSP has 
never in its history preferenced conservatives ahead of Labor, and 
it's fairly inconceivable for Socialist Alliance ever to do so - two 
things one couldn't say about the Greens. Who cares the DSP 
previously and SA currently has on numerous occasions lined up Labor 
speakers on rally and meeting platforms to have their say (Bob seems 
to think this is done to literally or figuratively throw tomatoes at 
them - anything like this has only happened once in my experience, 
when an anarchist colleague of ours loudly heckled a Labor candidate 
I had invited to speak at an anti-Jabiluka mine rally in Byron Bay in 
1998 - fairly justifiably, as the dill was either totally ignorant of 
or lying through his teeth about ALP uranium policy).

Checking this Greens approach out in comparison to the Socialist 
Alliance media release Bob finds so outrageous, I find that Senator 
Kerry Nettle's recent releases are replete with anti-Labor 
"inveterate moralising sectarianism", and even suggest that Labor and 
Liberal are both parties that attack working people and the 
oppressed. Is there no hope!

Greens and farmers call US trade deal a bad apple
Senator Kerry Nettle, 18th August 2004
... "The Greens voted against the US trade deal, which was supported 
by both major parties," said Senator Nettle. "We are appalled that 
the major parties supported the FTA, given their stated commitment to 
protecting Australia's quarantine standards." ...

Labor supports Howard's homophobia
13th August 2004
Greens Senator Kerry Nettle today told the Senate that she was 
'saddened and appalled' by the Labor Party decision to support the 
Prime Minister's homophobic ban on same sex marriage.
... "No Labor members have had the guts to stand up for human rights 
over this issue. They will stand condemned by an electorate that will 
be shocked by their hypocrisy.

Terror laws attack democracy - Greens
Senator Kerry Nettle, 13th August 2004
The Greens condemn the Government and Labor for rushing new 
anti-terrorism laws through Parliament today.

Labor's private school funding policy to threaten public schools
Senator Kerry Nettle, 12th August 2004
Greens Senator Kerry Nettle today slammed Labor's private school 
funding policy as 'a kick in the guts for public schools.'


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