[Marxism] NYC meeting during RNC

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Mon Aug 23 19:14:35 MDT 2004

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A public meeting on the topic: "A Socialist World is
Possible,"  will be held on Saturday, August
28th at 6:30pm. The venue is 322 West 48th St. between
8th and 9th Avenues; you can take the 1,9,C,and E
trains to 50th St. or the N and R trains to 49th St.
or the B,D,F, and Q trains to 47th-50th St.

The speakers will be: Tom Crean from the Editorial
Board of Justice newspaper. David McReynolds, Green
Party candidate for US senate. Billy Wharton, Graduate
Students Employees Union (GSEU) SUNY-Stony Brook.
There will also be speakers from the Socialist Party
(Ireland) and the Pizza Hut workers organizing
campaign (Seattle, WA).

Here is most of the political text from the handbill:

What does capitalism mean today? It means a colonial
war of occupation in Iraq which has turned into a
bloody quagmire. It means war at home against working
people, immigrants, women and people of color.

Resistance, however, is growing. In Venezuela,
ordinary people defied they oligarchy and their
backers in Washington by defeating the recall of
populist President Hugo Chavez. Here at home, a mass
anti-war movement is reaching a new height in the
protests at the RNC.

Come discuss the way forward--why we should support
Ralph Nader's anti-war, anti-corporate candidacy; how
we can build a political alternative to the rotten
two-party system and a movement that can get rid of
capitalism's endliss wars, poverty and environmental
destruction once and for all.

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