[Marxism] Fw: Bush Invaded Iraq to 'Secure Israel, ' Says Sen. Hollings

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 21 12:17:10 MDT 2004

We Agree. (Isn't that nice?) It makes much more sense
to speak of a Zionist lobby, which would then include
the ultra-fundamentalist Christian right, than of a
"Jewish lobby", though I'm sure most Jews really do
support Israel, unfortunately.

Speaking of a "Jewish lobby" is but one step removed
from anti-Semitism (or "Jew-hatred" as they prefer to
call it in THE MILITANT.
Precisely. And this is why it is incorrect to emphasize the "Jewish
Lobby" in analyzing u.s. support for Israel. That support has grounds
quite separate from domestic politics.

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