[Marxism] Fw: Bush Invaded Iraq to 'Secure Israel, ' Says Sen. Hollings

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 21 10:24:53 MDT 2004

Weber wouldn't be a great source when one
argues the anti-Zionist cause among ones
Jewish relatives (I gave that up decades
ago. It's pointless.) But I think Weber
in this case is only quoting Hollings
and isn't denying the Holocaust in this
particular article, is he?

I've often said that if the rulers of the
United States ever get tired of Israel,
they will treat the Israelis like Israel
treated the South Lebanon Army. But the
US has gotten a hell of a lot out of
Israel and aren't in a hurry to give up
what they've gotten from the alliance.
Mark Weber is one of the leading voices
of Holocaust denial in the US.

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