[Marxism] Building the revolutionary party

Lou Paulsen Loupaulsen at sbcglobal.net
Thu Aug 19 19:35:21 MDT 2004

Louis Proyect writes:

I honestly seek to build an organization in the real world that is as
ideologically heterogeneous as Marxmail. 

Why limit it to that?  Does Henwood have to get his own party?

BTW I correctly expected that no matter how many times I denied the point,
even in capital letters (maybe I should start using HTML and 24-pt bold?),
Proyect would continue to write as if it were a settled fact that we use
single-issue "litmus tests":

"I can't recall the Bolshevik Party utilizing the class struggle in other 
countries as a litmus test. Do you think that Fidel Castro was writing 
editorials on Eastern Europe in 1957?"  

Which is a really peculiar thing to ask.  You're saying that we pay too much
attention to the international situation?  If Cuba had been a nuclear-armed
imperialist colossus in 1957, I bet Fidel would have been writing editorials
on a lot of international events.

Anyway I think I've made my points, the next generation will have to decide
if they held up -

Lou Paulsen

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