[Marxism] Petty-bourgeois

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Wed Aug 18 11:39:24 MDT 2004

What Jurriaan has said and what I have said is a matter of record.
Those who've been reading these posts could identify the straw men
arguments and the self-contradictions easily enough.  In large part,
Jurriaan hasn't been arguing with my position but abusing me for holding
some kind of orthodox position he ascribes to me.

The baby in the bathwater Jurriaan is talking about has longs since
grown up and gotten a job.  But s/he doesn't behave the way we'd like.  

I think we both understand that it is stupid and short-sighted to
simplistically describe that as "petty bourgeois".  ...but I'm not
entirely sure.  Aside from not wanting me to say anything on the
subject, I'm not sure what Jurriaan thinks on it.


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