[Marxism] My quibble with Mark Lause

Jurriaan Bendien andromeda246 at hetnet.nl
Mon Aug 16 02:15:42 MDT 2004

I've disagreed sharply with Mark when he called the discipline of sociology
"bourgeois" and "unscientific", because I think that is a very unwise line
to take, politically and theoretically, and because I think he is in no
position to say that. My mode of expression might have been a little
extreme, but I reject that whole trend of thought.

But that aside I have no animosity towards Mark, I just got irritated, that
is all.

He makes perfectly valid points about the strictures imposed on university
teachers and the fact that they might really be not much better off than if
they were working on a car assembly line.

Teachers, including Mark, are typically generous people who like to share
their knowledge. But generosity can also create a vulnerability to
exploitation - you give and give and give, for very little reward. If
education becomes a business, teaching services become a "product" and an
"output", and then the situation of a teacher isn't much different from any
other sort of job.


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