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Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sun Aug 15 21:59:44 MDT 2004

This letter represents, in my opinion, a very positive re-emphasis by
UFPJ on the antiwar character of the August 29 anti-Bush action in New
York and related actions.  New York is going to an antiwar, anti-Bush
event and everyone who can get there should be there.  Others should
join or organize local antiwar actions.  The events in Iraq are having
their impact, and that impact will only deepen if the US pursues its
offensive in Najaf and elsewhere. 
Fred Feldman



Sunday, August 29, the eve of the Republican National Convention, is a
crucial date to stage peace and justice actions that can help shape
public opinion going into the November election. As Bush is coronated by
his corporate, military and right-wing Christian fundamentalist cronies,
the people of the world must upstage him with a peace and justice

The World Says No the Bush Agenda! No to War, Greed, Hate and Lies!

We need the largest and broadest possible turnout in New York City for
our protest, a legal and permitted march past the site of the Republican
Convention. The NYPD and the Republicans have already begun a fear
campaign designed to keep people away from this historic event, and we
need everyone who can to join us in the streets of New York.

But if you cannot make it to New York City on August 29, we urge you to
organize local August 29 actions of any and all sorts. It will be very
powerful to have hundreds of local actions to amplify our demand to
Bring the Troops Home and reject the entire Bush Agenda. 

Target the local Bush/Cheney campaign headquarters, the Republican Party
offices or whatever venue works best in your town. Hold marches,
demonstrations, vigils or teach ins. Fill the local airwaves with
antiwar messages. We already know of actions being planned in Chicago,
IL; San Luis Obispo, CA; Santa Fe, NM; and Detroit Lakes, MN- but how
about we aim for actions in every single state!

With the country and the people of the world watching, this is a once in
a lifetime opportunity to make our voices heard!

Post your event at http://www.unitedforpeace.org and email us at
info at unitedforpeace.org so the whole world will know of your

United for Peace and Justice

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