[Marxism] THE MILITANT: "Fahrenheit 9/11': a pro-imperialist screed"

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Fri Aug 13 20:25:44 MDT 2004

I thank Walter for submitting the latest 'Militant' madness.  I couldn't
get through to the news articles, just the editorial, but I assumed the
fundamentally uncontrollable surge of Barnesian spleen had to find some
outlet.  What's the sense of holding a Political Committee meeting
I want to make a couple points:
(1) Contrary to the way we all present it, the Militant did not simply
claim that the Republican administration in Florida had not stolen the
vote there.  The Militant claimed that Gore was trying to steal the
election from the rightful winner, Bush! That was the CENTRAL THEME  of
all articles on the subject.  Why doesn't the Militant expose  Moore's
covering up this scandal, which would help cut the ground out from under
the Kerry campaign, which is partly based on this assumption? Aren't
they proud of the exposure of Gore's attempt to steal the election?
Aren't they proud of joining the fight to defeat it?
Gore initially asked for a very partial recount.  Having initially
conceded the vote, he had no stomach for challenging what he clearly
understood was the choice of the ruling class reflected in the Supreme
Court decision.  Later he was forced to broaden and demand a general
recount.  Despite this, the Militant continued to charge Gore with
trying to steal the election.  Imagine their relief when the Supreme
Court saved democracy!  Close call, that.
(2)Second, I disagree that the movie portrays Bush as "stupid".  And
noone in the film says this.  Does the Militant think   Bush LOOKS
stupid in the movie?   Well, that's their opinion, not mine.  I think
the movie highlights a certain disassociation, his slyness, and his
cyncism and tendency to avoid seriousness, but I actually think that he
doesn't actually say anything stupid in the movie.  Its true I take
occassional speech difficulties in stride more than liberals tend to do
when Republican presidents are involved.
He sounds like a rich smart-ass frat boy who doesn't give all that much
of a shit.  
In general, I don't believe that "stupidity" is a significant problem
facing the human race of any class. I actually think the Bush
administration did an admirable job of getting the US into the war over
tremendous popular opposition.  Excellent marks.  After that, it was
pretty much downhill, but I tend to think that would have been true for
anybody (including the UN) who occupied Iraq.
(3) The third point is the Militant's deep loathing for antiwar
sentiment in all the various forms it is expressed among the masses in
the United States in the world.  They don't try to educate it, which
would mean challenging some of Moore's lines of argument. They try to
bring it up on charges -- nationalism in the United States,
anti-Americanism in Europe, and so on.  They are deeply hostile  IN
PARTICULAR  to the antiwar sentiments that are becoming predominant
among the industrial workers.  And they could have made EXACTLY the same
charges during Vietnam, but they  were a different type of party then --
against the system, not looking for a sectarian niche in the system.
(4) The review makes no mention of the outstanding quality of  the movie
as a work of art.  Of course, one could say the same thing about
'Triumph of the Will" or "Birth of a Nation."  Yes, and I'm for saying
it, whatever else I have to say about those movies.  You've got to
recognize artistically and emotionally powerful propaganda when it
stares you in the face.  The Militant's review highlights a leadership
that has lost the capacity to respond with anything but venom and bitter
resentment to anyone or anything that doesn't parrot their views.
Fred Feldman

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