[Marxism] Kerry would have gone to war

Jose G. Perez elgusanorojo at bellsouth.net
Fri Aug 13 16:38:34 MDT 2004

Marvin Gandalf wrote:

>>I don't attach much credibility to what opportunistic politicians say
in election campaigns -- particularly in Kerry's case, where he
perceives his electoral fortunes, rightly or wrongly, to be dependent on
adaptation to a segment of the voting population infected with a high
degree of chauvinism.<<

Boy, are you ever clueless. Kerry is adapting to the prowar electorate
despite his deep-seated anti-imperialist convictions? 

Most unitedstatesians think the war was  a mistake. Those who remain for
it already *have* a candidate, George W. Bush. Kerry has to get his
votes from the OTHER side, the antiwar side. Which he could easily do,
having his cake and eating it, too, by saying that although he is for
the president having such a power, if he had known then there were no
WMD's he could not have voted to give THIS president THAT power because
the case the president was making for why he needed it was known to be

Like Al Gore before him, who preferred to let the Republicans steal the
elections rather than mobilizing the class enemy --the people-- to cut
short the electoral fraud, Kerry is falling on his sword for his class. 

His message is that there is no alternative to war and there never was.
He is telling the masses who are looking for some hint of cleavage
BETWEEN him and Bush on the war question in order to try to influence
the future course of events that there is no such cleavage, they have no
choice and no say in influencing policy on the central question of U.S.
and world politics today.

Which, of course, is as it should be. The bourgeoisie doesn't hold
elections so that the plebes can dictate policy to it. They hold
elections to legitimize their class dictatorship and help figure out
which one of their politicians is the better snake-oil salesman. That's
why it is so absolutely brain dead politically to back one or the other
of these chumps.

The reason why Kerry is being such a "statesman" from a ruling class
point of view, and eschewing mobilizing antiwar sentiment against Bush,
and refusing to couple it with resentment against Bush's domestic
policies, is that then the election would become at least in popular
consciousness a referendum on the war, that the antiwar viewpoint would
be legitimized as a perfectly acceptable one, but most of all, because
the effect could well be to encourage the re-emergence of an independent
antiwar movement in the streets, if not before November, then


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