[Marxism] Clarifying the term "petty bourgeoisie"?

David McDonald dbmcdonald at comcast.net
Fri Aug 13 07:49:44 MDT 2004

In the US the formulaic idea of capitalism destroying the petty bourgeoisie
has been turned on its head. Now, working class people are finding
themselves tossed into the petty bourgeoisie as the big bourgeoisie seeks to
relieve itself of the responsibilities accumulated over the decades to
provide benefits as a consequence of employment.

Personally, I made that leap (if that's what you call it) when I left
Seattle Steel and took up my camera. But I deal all the time with people in
the magazine industry who used to have jobs and now have occasional
contracts for specific bits of work, particularly those engaged in book

It is all part of the attack on the accumulated benefits working people have
won. Suddenly, no medical or life insurance, no vacations or sick pay, no
pension, but you do exactly the same thing you used to do. I once had
visions of being hired as a staff photographer for a magazine, but there are
none that I know of. Because the petty bouirgeoisie is growing.

David McDonald

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