[Marxism] Democrats fear anti-Bush protests at GOP convention

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Thu Aug 12 12:30:33 MDT 2004

This is not necessarily aimed only at those who are  in love with
confrontational tactics for their own sake (and Republican and other
infiltrators who have probably been hired to cause incidents in the
great "dirty tricks" tradition).  It may also be an attempt to put
pressure on those who will be expressing opposition to and outrage
against the US war against Iraq at the protest, who will be expressing a
view very different from that of the Democratic nominee.  Probably
opposition to the war is the single biggest mobilizer of people for the
anti-Bush protest, and no amount of abstractions about something called
the "Bush agenda" will silence that sentiment.
Fred Feldman
Metro (NY-based int'l daily) 
Thursday, August 12
Democrats fear anti-Bush protests at GOP Convention
Demonstrations at RNC could drown out Dem policy of 'loyal opposition'
WASHINGTON  Some Democrats said thyey fear that if anti-Bush
administration protests get out of hand outside the Republican National
Convention in New York later this month, the political repercuissions
will boomerang against presidential challenger John Kerry.
They said disorder and clashes between protesters and police not only
could drown out the Democrats'  carefully crafted message of "loyal
opposition" to the GOP but also could be linked to their party.
"If a problem develops, I think the political impact will not be good
for Democrats," said Rep. Jerrold Nadler, whose district includes
Manhattan's Upper West Side and the World Trade Center site.  "There are
a lot of very fine patriotic demonstrators, and then there are some who
are probably anarchists or crazies of one sort or another."
Backlash at Kerry
Queens Congressman Anthony Weiner said he worried convention speakers
might seize on any disorder on the streets to criticize Kerry.  
"I believe a lot of Republicans would like to point to a lot of kids
with spiked hair and rings through their noses and say, 'This is what
John Kerry is about.'"  Weiner said, "Democrats are going to great
lengths to orchestrate our response to the Republican convention, and
all those plans will be so much wasted effort if there's fisticuffs."

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