[Marxism] Nader wins! But auto manufacturers keep him off ballot--I mean, take credit

paul bunyan cutemdown2003 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 10 18:28:38 MDT 2004

Brian Shannon wrote:
>Author Harold Evans perhaps best summed up Ralph Nader's impact on this 
>"America owes more than it may ever realize to Nader and his Johnny 
>Appleseed research and advocacy groups: Safer cars, Airbags. Medicines 
>that are safe, effective and cheaper. Tractors that don't roll over. 
>Scam-free hearing aids. Decent nursing homes. Fairer credit and 

Sounds like thousands if not tens of thousands of lives have been saved as a result of Naders efforts, and untold, I don't know, maybe hundreds of millions of dollars to consumers?

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