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The Iraqi US puppet Government in Crisis, Bush's Re-election at stake

"Let’s bring the war home and make the duopoly pay the highest price by re-introducing mass demonstrations in the middle of their pre-canned presidential campaigns."

By Frontlines Editorial Board

The US-controlled Iraqi government is in big trouble. The criminal judge in charge of “judging” former dictator Saddam Hussein, Salem Chalabi, is being accused of murder himself. His uncle, former strongman and exiled leader Ahmed Chalabi – who was the favorite collaborator of the White House until recently – is being indicted on assorted different charges, from embezzlement of public funds to spying for the Iranian government.


Journalists' International Organization slams Iraqi ban on Al-Jazeera 

BRUSSELS (AFP) - The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) condemned the one-month forced closure of the Baghdad offices of the pan-Arab television Al-Jazeera as a blow to press freedom in the country.

The group described the Iraqi government's decision as an act of "unacceptable and illogical censorship that casts a shadow over hopes for a new era of press freedom".


Judge says Chalabis will be arrested on return to Iraq 

BAGHDAD (AFP) - Prominent Iraqi politician Ahmed Chalabi and his nephew Salem will be arrested the moment they set foot in Iraq (news - web sites), the judge who issued warrants against them said.

"This is not a summons, they will be arrested the moment they return to Iraq and they will appear before an investigating court", Zuhair al-Maliky told AFP in an interview.   

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Al Sadr Guerrilla Army Vows Fight to Death Vs. U.S. \

"Resistance will continue and increase day by day," he said. "Our demand is for the American occupation to get out of Iraq. We want an independent, democratic, free country."-- Muqtada al-Sadr

By ABDUL HUSSEIN AL-OBEIDI, Associated Press Writer

NAJAF, Iraq - Militant cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, whose Shiite militia has been battling U.S. forces across Iraq, warned Monday that he would fight "until the last drop of my blood has been spilled," in his first appearance since the violence began. 



San Francisco Immigrants Voting Rights Proposal: A Step Forward  

By Simon Morales

Photographs and video by Rene Amini 

Since 1996, when Frontlines editor Carlos Petroni and immigrant advocate Lucrecia Bermudez co-wrote the “Immigrant Voting Rights Act”, the Immigrant Rights Movement (MDI) has campaigned intensively for legislation that grants non-citizens the right to vote in local elections.

It has done so in public meetings, massively organizing Immigrant Pride Day in the Mission District with tens of thousands of participants and lobbying progressive organizations and politicians.   

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Green Party remains divided by rigged Milwaukee Convention 

By Carol Miller and Forrest Hill 

How did David Cobb become the Green Party presidential nominee against the overwhelming majority of the Green Party? 

The answer is quite simple. The Green Party followed a policy that is fundamentally undemocratic and allowed the will of its members to be manipulated. 


Interview with Lucrecia Bermudez (District 9 race) 

By Ildefonso Rodriguez

“I have no interests different from those whom I’m looking to represent. I don’t see them as my instrument to rule, rather I see myself as a tool for their struggles and right to rule their own lives.”

-Lucrecia Bermúdez

Lucrecia Bermudez is running for Supervisor of District 9 again. Last time around, in 2000, when Ammiano was at the peak of his popularity, Lucrecia came in third.   


Renee Saucedo: "It's All About Me" (District 9 race) 

By Ildefonso Rodriguez

 "Tom Ammiano had his opportunity, now it's the turn of someone like me."

"Lucrecia had her opportunity, now it's my turn." -- Renee Saucedo

 To the Bay Guardian, to El Tecolote, at Green party meetings and during a debate with candidate Lucrecia Bermudez, she is telling anyone who would like to listen that it is her turn and nobody else’s. And she is very protective of the mantle. So much so that last year she broke with her long term political ally and personal friend Erik Quezada over which of the two should make a run this year. 


Crisis in the San Francisco Green Party 

By Simon Morales

The local SF Green Party chapter is currently in a state of disarray and dysfunctionality. Some local activists attribute this situation to the control of the organization by a clique of Demogreens who have stifled the work of the party. Others claim that the current state is a price paid for the success of the party, that the problems represent growth pains that will resolve themselves as the politics of the organization are further defined.   

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