[Marxism] "United Service Workers for Democracy" won SEIU decert vote in SF

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sun Aug 8 06:47:43 MDT 2004

Michael Connell <miclconn at igc.org> 

Service Employees International Union Local 1877 has been DECERTIFIED as

collective bargaining agent for the vast majority of San Francisco
A new, independent union, United Service Workers for Democracy Local 87,

will now be the CERTIFIED representative of the unit. 

The decertification vote was held yesterday under the auspices of the 
National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), an independent Federal agency
certifies or decertifies representatives based upon secret ballot votes 
taken among units of employees. 

San Francisco janitors working for the largest contractors in the city
eligible to vote based upon petitions they presented to the NLRB
an election. The final tally was: 

1,698 eligible voters (including part-time and 
temporary employees) 
18 void ballots 
121 challenged ballots 
573 votes for SEIU Local 1877 
947 votes for USWD Local 87. 

There is no need to count challenged ballots since the margin of victory

far exceeded the number of challenges. The defeated union can file 
objections to the election based upon misconduct, interference by 
management, etc. However, the large margin of victory is a serious
for SEIU Local 1877 to overcome. 

Certfication means that the contractors must bargain in good faith with 
the new union. It does not mean that in the end there must be a
or that any contract agreed upon must be identical to what was
negotiated by 

This is a major defeat for SEIU. The problems which led to the 
decertification are significant, and the consequences will be enormous;
they are far too complex to describe in an e-mail. 

Some San Francisco janitors will continue to be represented by SEIU
1877. That is because certain units of janitors did not petition the
for a vote, or the petitions did not have enough signatures to meet NLRB

requirements (generally, 30% of the unit). For example, the employees of

Township Building Services will continue to be members of SEIU Local
and the contract between Local 1877 and Township will remain in force

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