[Marxism] Re: Numbers question

Donna Stainsby dstainsby at telus.net
Sat Aug 7 11:38:25 MDT 2004

Lueko Willms wrote:
   "Here in Germany, registration as a voter is completely superfluous,
since one has to register with the local municipality, or risk a fine.
The municipalitiy will then send in time before each election a card
with the information on the address of the polling station to be used;
this card or an ID card then is to be presented at the polling station
for identification."

In Canada, in addition to an available similar registration procedure, our
income tax form includes the option of having our name, address etc
forwarded to Elections Canada so that our names may appear on the list of
eligible voters.  If our voter's card does not arrive in the mail, we phone
Elections Canada to find out where and how to register and receive our card
and therefore the information about our polling station.  Certainly no party
affiliation information is requested -- and would be refused if asked for as
an unwarranted intrusion on our right to privacy.


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