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Wed Feb 14 05:13:26 MST 1996

Luis Quispe wrote (quoting the jerk Elsequin):
> > 
> >                                           True to form(Stalinist shit)
> > Scotty.SHIT BAG HALL
> >  is the perfect political icon for your party-A DEGENERATE CORRUPT  BASTARD.
> >  He represents your parties  putrid morally bankrupt position perfectly.And
> > Scotty
> >  you're a perfect example of his mental defective proteges.Suck hard Scotty I
> >  know you'll move up to NO.1 STALINIST SHIT BAG.
> > 
> ==============
>   I do not have a hard evidence but the style (e.g., shiny-shit and other
>   shits), isn't this Carlos? Carlitos? -I have all his messages in
>   my hard drike, I collected and analyze the wording and style, I think
>   this is Carlos (the close and dear friend of Louis Proyect).

This is an outrageous accusation against Carlos. If you believe honestly 
that the above was written by Carlos, then your powers of observation are 
very weak indeed. I don't believe you honestly believe what you wrote in 
your post, though. It was a deliberate fabrication intended to malign a 

>   it, we will not talk to Carlitos -the psycho, the provocator, he 
>   really needs help. This is a breakdown, old filthy tactic Cointelpro
>   style to intimidate political opponents, I think Scott should not
>    answer to this vermin.

It is an old COINTELPRO tactic to accuse someone of writing something one 
did not write. It is also an old (and more to the point) Stalinist and 
sectarian tactic as well.

> We will take care of him. Louis
>   Godenas is 100% right, this vermin Carlitos is dangerous and
>   unbalanced.

"We will take care of him." Given Luis's defense of political murders of 
Leftists by the Shining Path, this sounds like a death threat against 
Carlos. I'm tempted to say to Carlos: don't worry about it. But, all it 
takes is one fanatic with a gun .... So, based on Luis's writings, I 
would say that *he* is the "dangerous and unbalanced" one.

Forget about Elsequin. He's just a nuisance. Luis, however, is a possible 
threat and, unfortunately, represents a group which, despite its miniscule 
size, can make threats like the above become reality.


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