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Oh, c'mon, Jeff, tell us.  If you could just name one source that we could
discuss and debate, it would be a big improvement.  You know, you're friend
over at "Shiny Shit" has named a single source in a single one of his posts
(other than to give us the name of a bogus "newspaper" which turned out to be
not at all what he said).  I think the same is true of Proyect (No! wait a
minute, he did at least tell us that he was going "across town" to see Mr.
Renique, lately of the Vatican and the Ford Foundation, but when questioned
further, he demurred).  By all means, give us some sources.
                                    Louis Godena

PS: Please don't bring Scott into this; I don't know what his views are, but,
so far as I know, he has not participated in this debate onther than to
defend Charlotte against some scurrilous personal attacks.

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