Scott Marshall scott at
Mon Feb 12 20:07:54 MST 1996

Sometimes my private mail is more entertaining than the list. Here is some
rare insight in to the political situation today. Elsequin at's deep
understanding of the balance of forces and his selfsacrificing dedication to
struggle and enlightenment is ...well it's inspiring.

With Carlos threatening tribunals and with never sleeping vigilants like
Elsequin at, we can all sleep better at night. Alas, though, it all
reminds me of the old Fred Wright cartoon. Picture a policeman beating the
shit out of a person on a picketline carring a sign which reads
'Anti-communist union.' The caption reads, 'I don't care what kind of a
communist you are.'


My appologies to Elsequin at (catchy pseudonum for a catchy guy) for
forwarding his message to the list, but you really shouldn't be so modest
with your splendid turn of phrase.

At 06:18 PM 2/12/96 -0500, you wrote:
>                                        Caught your post on the marxism
>list.If anyone needs 
> diapers -it's you-you pice of unrepentent Stalinst shit.You're a disgrace to
> politics.The left doesn't need RED FASCISTS like you.You're worse than the
>RIGHTIST PIGS,at least we know where they're coming from.Don't worry the left
> always spare some time to fight the CPUSA.You STALINST FUCK.I'll go out of
> in working to crush you shit eating  STALINISTS.

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