The collapse of capitalism?

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Sun Feb 11 06:18:30 MST 1996

Bradley Mayer wrote:

> P.S.: This is logically parallels the question of the "collapse of 
> capitalism", which is not something that occurs "at the end of 
> capitalism", but which, as a result of its inner laws of motion, is 
> manifested as a continuous and permanent historical process.

1) Which "inner laws of motion" lead to the "collapse of capitalism"? 
(BTW, didn't Marx refer to the "economic law of motion in modern 
society"? Note singular and note also that Marx never said explicitly 
what the "law" was.

2) You seem to be suggesting that the "inner laws of motion" of capital 
will lead to the "collapse of capitalism." How and why?

3) Isn't the (possible) collapse of capitalism related to the thread on 
"working-class subjectivity"? Hasn't capitalism proven to be rather 
resilient in practice? If we believe that the collapse of capitalism is 
inevitable, shouldn't we just wait for the inevitable to happen?


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