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1. Comrade Olachaea, a spokesman for the Shining Path, in an address to the 
Stalin Society in Great Britain, claims that the "new fascism", as 
opposed to the "old fascism" of Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco, will be 
based on NGOs, Human Rights organizations, Church-based aid groups, etc. 
Does this mean that the main fascist danger today is not skinheads, 
neo-Nazis, etc., but forces such as Amnesty International and Maryknoll nuns 
that are working in third-world countries like Peru?

2. In the same address Olachaea states that the Shining Path is 
attempting to create a Popular Front government such as the kind that 
existed in Spain. While Shining Path has exposed and punished left 
"collaborators" with the Alan Garcia and Fujimoro regimes, it now seems 
interested in establishing a government which is a collaboration between the 
"progressive" bourgeoisie and the Shining Path. This will be the Popular 
Front of Peru. What wing of the bourgeoisie would fit into a Peruvian Popular 

3. You attack "asistencialiasma". This is the phenomena of NGOs, 
Church-based groups, etc. providing food, health-care, technical aid to 
third-world countries. You view this as fostering dependency on 
imperialist hand-outs. Sendero has executed individuals involved with 
such programs. What is your view of the movement backing Aristide in 
Haiti? The backbone of Aristide's popular movement is exactly the same as 
you target for liquidation in Peru: NGOs, Church-based groups, etc. Would 
a Haitian version of Shining Path target Aristide's movement? How do you 
pick and choose which brand of "asistencialiasma" is progressive, if any, and 
which is reactionary?

4. I have heard that the Revolutionary Communist Party in the United States, 
the legendary and heroic Maoist formation, supports Gonzalo who has called 
for a halt to the armed struggle, while the Committee to Support the 
Revolution in Peru, which is aligned with the armed combatants. The 
guerrilla fighters insist on fighting to the bitter end. What are the facts?
Does such a split exist? Who are the revisionist enemies?


PS: When I used the term Humph in a previous post, this was a slip. This 
is a term of endearment, a pet name so to speak, that I have used in 
private correspondence with Berkeley Rosser in the past. I apologize to 
any embarrassment I have caused Berkeley and promise it won't happen 
in the future. 

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