PERU: The Tale of Killing Louis.

Matt D. afn02065 at
Mon Feb 5 11:45:10 MST 1996

Louis asks:

>Question: What does Sendero consider left-wing positions that are not 
>objectively pro-Fujimoro other than those held by Sendero itself. If I 
>move to Peru this week and put out a newspaper in Ayacucho calling the 
>Sendero "ultraleftist, sectarian, Stalinist, cultist fanatics", would 
>this be objectively pro-Fujimoro?

According to me: Yes.  In any event, it would be so out of accord
with the obvious facts as to consign you to political irrelevance.
But I think your question is actually, would the PCP kill you for putting
out such a paper?  The answer to that, of course, is: No, they would not.


-- Matt D.

P.S. -- Is it possible that some rash young woman living in the PCP stronghold
of Ayacucho, considering herself a supporter of the Party and the People's War,
might not take kindly to the yanquiTrotskyist who's just moved into town,
apparently for no reason other than to slander the cause to which she aims to
devote her life, and, despite the Party's policies, off you?  Maybe, I don't
But if she did, would it be the craziest thing you'd ever heard?  I mean, it
is a war
after all, fer chrissakes!

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