working-class subjectivity

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As a reader in the 1990s, I of course cannot help but find subjectivity a 
going Marxist concern before the 1960s: in pre-Habermas Frankfurt School 
writers, in *Marx*...  
	Then again, anarchists have *always* been interested in 
subjectivity, from Godwin (who uses it as a springboard for arguably the 
first anarchist critique) on.
	I'd love to discuss this at length.  Negri should fit right it -

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On Fri, 2 Feb 1996 glevy at wrote:

> Adam Rose wrote:
> > What is a "theory of subjectivity" ?
> Many of the schools of Marxist thought developed since the 1960's deal in 
> various ways with the question of working class and capitalist 
> subjectivity. The issue arises because many feel that _Capital_ has been 
> too mechanically interpreted by "orthodox" Marxism, particularly German 
> Social Democracy and "diamat."
> For instance, in CI, capitalists are treated as mere carriers of capital 
> relations (character masks). In _Capital_ there is much emphasis on the 
> logic of capital. What of the logic of working class self-activity 
> against capital?
> Some, e.g. Negri and Lebowitz, relate this question to the "missing" book 
> on "Wage Labour" which was originally part of Marx's 6-book plan. Negri 
> also suggests that there is a fundamental difference in how this topic is 
> treated in the _Grundrisse_ vs. _Capital_.
> In any event, other schools of thought (e.g. Regulation theory, Social 
> Structure of Accumulation, Althusserians) attempt to deal with this 
> question in other ways.
> It is a topic which is well worth pursing at some point if others are 
> interested.
> Jerry
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