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Sat Feb 3 18:43:47 MST 1996


I am sitting here in my office on a Sunday because I cannot bear to leave 
cyber space for reality.  Last nite here in Queensland the conservative 
parties won state government.

They defeated a right wing Labor government in a by election and won 
governemnt as a consequence.

so once more we are back under the yoke of the rural idiots.  Qld is the 
most decentralised of Australian states and has long been backward with a 
conservative rural Party (The Nationals) dominating politics.  
Worse Qld is proud of its rural idiocy.  It has pulled down its pants and 
flashed a brown eye at the progressive movement.  It has elected a 
intellectually challenged small business man as the representative for 
the rural city of Townsville.

Now the racists and homophobes are back in office. the working class too 
will now be subject to even more attacks.


I will regroup by ignoring the News for about 6 months.  Then I should 
have the strength to write a piece on the Australian Labor Party.



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