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Fri Feb 2 16:32:33 MST 1996

Chris, London wrote:

> I would be interested to know however why some people do *not* switch to 
> digest. One subscriber has said that the size of the digests is
> too big for his mail programme. 
> Are there any other reasons?

Different people have different Net systems and hardware.

In my own case, I tried the digest but found that it didn't work very 
well. Why?

1) the time required to respond was _much_ longer. In practice, it meant 
that I had to re-type any words that I was responding to. This itself 
caused additional problems since it meant that I cut down on the amount 
of a person's post I was extracting (i.e. re-typing) and on one occasion 
got flamed because I didn't include enough of the person's post that I 
was responding to. A slow modem also hurts.

2) If you get the digest, with my system, you have to work your way 
through all of the digest to get at posts that interest you. As a regular 
subscriber, it is easier to quickly look at a post and delete.

Total numbers of subscribers, IMHO, tell us very little about the l*st. 
More interesting statistics would be:

a) what percentage of subscribers did not post at all in the last month?

b)  "                        "    posted only once last month?

c) what percentage of posts were written by the 20 most frequent posters?

d)  "                        "                  40        "             ?


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