Re market socialism

Robert Peter Burns rburns at
Thu Feb 1 20:31:13 MST 1996

Paul Cockshott asks about investment criteria in the MS
model.  Here's an excerpt from a post I sent a few days
ago which I hope answers this question, albeit schematically

Forwarded message:
> Furthermore, in the Schweickart 
> model the investment agencies would be legally required to assess 
> each individual investment decision according to democratically
> decided criteria, which would include environmental, employment,
> and community development criteria in addition to more narrowly based 
> considerations of economic viability.  In other words "profitability"
> would have a social rather than a private meaning, with externalities
> both positive and negative to be included in the published and 
> mandatory criteria of investment selection.  This would be enforced
> both through a) oversight by local, regional and national legislatures,
> and b) public hearings on investment proposals.  It's all there in

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