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Thu Feb 1 06:13:27 MST 1996

On Wed, 31 Jan 1996, lucinda wrote:

> When Justin Schwartz writes that MSers are more likely to support coops
> than are other types of leftists, but that he knows of no one who actually
> tries to start them, he is giving evidence of the very theoretical/practice
> disjunction Adam Rose raises as a critique.

Not "the very one." Adam thinks that MS is intrinsically utopian or
procapitalist, while PS isn't. My own limitation reflects facts about whom
I happen to know, nothing more.

>    I do not believe that such a disjunction is intrinsic in the theoretical 
> orientation of market socialists (whether analytical marxist or otherwise),
> but view it more generally as a limitation of the left more generally.

Well, I think it is actually a function of our distance from socialism.
Right now MSers, PSers, and indeed social democrats find themselves
confronted with pretty much the same set of concrete tasks: organization
building, fighting the right, holding the line.

Also, I personally don't think that creating coops is in itself the way to
get to socialism, although I think it is a good thing. Socialism should be
cooperative, but that has to be implemented at the national or
international level. See my earlier echange with Louis on Bowman and Stone.


>    If I find a left-wing party that does provide real-world, real-time 
> answers to how workers can obtain control of their workplaces and the profits
> they generate, I will fill out my party card and leap in feet first, as would 
> a number of workers who find the sectarian left too abstract. Does
> anyone out there know of such a group?

Well, my group, Solidarity, does a lot of hard work on the shop floor
promoting worker control in the very difficult conditions we find
ourselves in. There are no magic bullets. --jks

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