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Tue Oct 31 06:06:58 MST 1995

On Tue, 31 Oct 1995, David McInerney wrote:

> am writing.  Hopefully I will be able to provide a report on Balibar's work
> on racism and nationalism to the cyberseminar, and perhaps tie in my work
> on Poulantzas's theory of nation (as opposed to his theories on fascism -
> perhaps someone else could contribute a piece on _Facism and
> Dictaorship_?).  This would be more within my expertise.


This sounds absolutely terrific. The seminar is back on schedule. Your 
report on Poulantzas/Balibar doesn't have to be elaborate. It seems that 
you can practically prepare something off the top of your head, given the 
display of learning you've evinced in your post. The main purpose of the 
seminar is to exchange ideas, not prepare a publication-ready collection 
of articles. I will speak to you at greater length about this off-line.

I just read the chapter on Poulantzas in Ellen Wood's "Retreat from 
Class" and I am anxious to hear his ideas defended by somebody as 
knowledgable as yourself. Wood, by the way, is giving a seminar on 
"Democracy vs. Capitalism" this saturday at the Brecht forum in NYC for 
people in the area who may be interested.

I have one more request for a reporter. Would anybody be willing to take 
a look at Gramsci's "Pre-Prison Notebooks", which was published last 
year? There are numerous articles on fascism. Gramsci, of course, would 
be an interesting figure to compare to both Trotsky and Polantzas. 
Gramsci was both a Marxist revolutionary and an intellectual who helped 
to influence many of the "Western Marxists" like Poulantzas.

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