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Mon Oct 23 23:31:26 MDT 1995

	I've decided that it is necessary to take a proactive stand - i.e.
before I get slammed again for my views and before they get twisted out of
context - so here goes - my last statement on the Quebec question.  I just
finished reading a post which suggested that all those on the NO side are
representatives of the English Canadian monopoly capitalist class - such an
assertion is ludicrous.  My gut instinct tells me that the yes side will
prevail in this referendum and if that is indeed the case - so be it.  What I
find disturbing however is the "romanticization" of the yes campaign as it
currently stands.  If we look back to the 1970s - most of the Left in Quebec
was housed in the PQ and one of their major goals was something called
"autogestion" - (perhaps my spelling is off) - but this entailed worker
control and was really a progressive thing - however, in the dominant
discourse of Quebec separatism now - none of these progressive ideas is
prevalent.  In one response to a post, Jerry (something or other) tried to
equate the 1970s movement for Quebec independence with what is going on now -
its like comparing apples and oranges - if you doubt me - I would turn your
attention to a book called "Two Nations" by Susan Crean and Marcel  Rioux
(one a leftist ANglophone and the other a stauch separatist, leftist member
of the PQ) which was written in the aftermath of the referendum of the early
80's  - the arguments for separatism made in that book from a Left
perspective are ones which I would clearly support given the progressive
agenda which undergirds them, however, these are not the arguments being put
forth by members of the PQ and the BQ now - far from it - their agendas  are
largely reactionary.  I have been engaged in a running conversation with Ryan
Duam which will cease given the fact that I have now decided to put an end to
it - I am sympathetic with Duam's position since it is obvious to me that he
has been working within progressive organizations re: sovereignty, etc. but I
would ask him and other members of this list who non-critically support
Qyebec's right to sovereignty to either read Crean and Rioux or put the
current situation into its proper perspective.  I would always and have
always supported Quebec's right to decide their own destiny - but it is the
leader's which have brought this question to the fore that deserve scrutiny.
When the yes vote comes in, there will still remain a lot of unanswered
questions - questions from minority constituencies and the aboriginal
community which will then have to be dealt with.

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