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> And, let's face one other ingredient:  both men were probably guilty!  (see
> Scott Mclemee's excellent piece on Mumia in the recent In These Times).
Another reason to hate "In these Times". James Weinstein has used the 
pages of this vanity publication to assert the guilt of the Rosenbergs as 
well. Who next? Sacco and Vanzetti?

The whole thrust of the Mumia, OJ Simpson, Rosenberg, Sacco and Vanzetti 
trials is their total disregard of impartiality. In each case, the 
prosecution and judge worked together to railroad the defendants. This is why 
black people welcome OJ's acquittal. It was one step in the direction of 
redressing judicial malfeasance. Nobody on the left has made a big issue 
out of OJ's innocence. Who in the world was ITT polemicizing against? The 
big question for leftists is not the innocence or guilt of OJ Simpson, as 
it would be in the other cases enumerated above, it is rather the conduct 
of the LA police and DA's office. These institutions have been oppressing 
Chicanos and blacks for decades now and the OJ verdict might spell some 
relief. For a good dramatic insight into these questions, I recommend the 
excellent "Devil in a Blue Dress".

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