God & The Left

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Wed Nov 8 09:37:15 MST 1995

Chegitz made the following comment

> From:          Chegitz Guevara <mluziett at shrike.depaul.edu>

> Subject:       God & The Left

> Marx and Lenin, committed atheists, opposed excluding people from their
> organizations on the basis of their faith (remember Lenin hanging out with
> Father Gapon in exile). 

This is true. One did not have to be an atheist to become a 
bolshevik. However, the party maintained the position of conducting 
atheistic propaganda. The party *struggled* but did not force, people 
to become atheists within the party ranks.

My grandfather used to be the CPA's organiser in Sydney who had 
repsonsibility for the clergy branch. It lasted around 10 years from 
the early 40s to 50s. The contradictions do exist.

Just because people do believe, doesn't mean they can't be 
communists. As I like to say "it's amazing how practice sorts people 
out". At the same time, the party cannot take a liberal attitude to 
this; 'it takes all sorts', or 'each to their own'. The party must 
also conduct internal and external atheistic propaganda.

When I was in the Philippines, I experienced a mass, with people 
taking holy communion. The mass was fininshed with the Internationale 
in tagalog. It is this, rich, living reality that exists and the turf 
on which we organise. We cannot reject these people, neither can we 
be liberal. Within the party their should be know room for religious 
propaganda. However, our party program should include the right for 
religious and atheist propaganda and freedom for religion.

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