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Thu Dec 28 16:29:31 MST 1995

To you:

There has been  a deliberate attempt by Louis to misrepresent  the theme of
my         letter (28-12-95) concerning the setting up of marxist study
circles in cyberspace. Such circles can only enhance the power of the
Marxism List since there can obtain a symbiotic relationship between the
study circle or circles and the List. 

I will simply, for the time being, confine myself to drawing  from Lenin's
What Is To Be Done since it more than refutes Louis' attack. I also want to
avoid getting drawn into counter-productive logomachy. 

>The theory of socialism, however, grew out of the philosophic, historical,
and economic >theories elaborated by educated representatives of the
propertied classes, by >intellectuals. By their social status, the founders
of modern scientific socialism, Marx >and Engels, themselves belonged to the
bourgeois intelligentsia. In the very same way, >in Russia, the theoretical
doctrine of Social-Democracy arose ALTOGETHER >INDEPENDENTLY of the
spontaneous growth of the working class movement; it arose >as a natural and
inevitable outcome of the development of thought among the >revolutionary
socialist intelligentsia.(Lenin Collected Works, vol. 5; pp. 375-376.
Progress  Publishers, Moscow 1973.) ; [Capitals mine].
Yourse etc.,
                   Karl Carlile

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