Stalinism and Standards of Intellectual Discourse

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Thu Dec 28 15:44:33 MST 1995

Jeff, 21 members comes from you saying that our membership consists of "Scott
Marshall and 20 of his friends". I didn't say you were "academic" or
"antiworkingclass". I said your disdain for people who sign cards as not
"real members" is an antiworkingclass attitude. People who sign cards join
becaue they have seen a solution to the problems of workingclass life under
capitalism, namely, socialism; they don't join after pondering it and doing
nothing for years on end. It''s a basic part of *mass recruitment*. Not
everyone who disagrees with me is a splitter. People who call us Stalinists
while ignoring the attacks of the capitalists*are* acting like splitters.
Same thing with confusing the enemy.  What I disagree with, concerning
LM--the endless calling people "stalinists", etc. if the commit the sin of
*not joining LM*, splitting tactics, pointless ultraleftism, and well, I'm
just *not a Trotskyite*! And just as you don't seem to like it when I said
you had an antiworkinglass attitude, I sdon't like it when you call my
comrades', my Party's and my own position "Stalinist crap.", etc. You gave
yourself away when you said that "we" have to defeat my Party's positions. We
only tried to ave a debate, but instead we get attacked. there's no reason
that we should take this lying down and *we don't* but we never said that we
need to get rid of your org to have socialism. Charlotte L. Kates, AKA the

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