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Thu Dec 28 01:45:58 MST 1995

Jean-Yves expressed interest in my recommendation of an earlier article on 
the middle strata. 

I forward the introduction only at this stage because the article is

              95 K long.

Admirably thoughtful, consciously loyal to marxism and diligent with sources,
it illustrates the possibilities and the problems of this list.

It was submitted in six parts over a couple of days. Even so, I recall 
absolutely no one referring to it other than Will Brown. Systematic discussion
was impossible. IMO it ought to be in the archives, but I am a bit unsure
how to get it in the archives. (Are you receiving a copy of this message Jon? -
I would be grateful for your advice.)

More important how do we actually use pieces of this length, whether they are 
in the archives or not. I confess I have not yet read Jim Miller's piece
on the falling rate of profit (TRPF etc). Apologies Jim, this list
is like trying to build sandcastles in a particularly fast running sea. 
Would it help if the article were in the archives?

Jean-Yves, I can forward the 95 k to you if it won't break your machine. We 
could wait for it to get up on the archives so that you can get it down, and 
then if you comment and others are interested, they can get it down.

Or we could do nothing, 

Or something else.

I await your response.





From: Jack Hill <mlbooks at mcs.com>
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 1995 22:05:59 -0600 (CST)
Subject: middle strata, part 1 of 6

Part 1 of 6, Introduction and the middle strata as stabilizer
of capitalism

Forwarded by Jack Hill <mlbooks at mcs.com>
A former comrade from the MLP asked me to post this.  I am not
"endorsing" or not endorsing the contents, but I think it does
represent serious work that his group has done over the course of
a couple of years.  It is very long so I have been asked to
divide it into several parts.


To All who are interested:
     The following is an investigative report produced by a
member of the Boston Communist Study Group. This study group was
formed after the dissolution of the Marxist Leninist Party by
former members and supporters of that organization in the Boston
area to continue the investigation and discussion changes in the
world economy and political systems and class structures that
have given rise to the crisis of revolutionary theory. The
present work is part of a continuation of a study of changes in
the class structure in the US that was originally published in
the Workers' Advocate Supplement of March 20,1993. At this time we are
also posting a paper examining some of the history and features of
the hospital workers and their struggles as part of an investigation
into the service sector.
     We hope that this material is of some help to those trying
to figure out the changes in the world and their implications for
revolutionary theory. We would appreciate any comments by those
examining the same issues. Please write us at:
pt1947 at llbean.ultranet.com


Peter Tabolt

      Theories and evolution of the salaried middle strata
                          --part I

by Peter Tabolt


                   Changes in Class Structure



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