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Mein Deutsch ist sehr scwher, und ich habe nur ein viertel des
Postes ueber das Tribunal der KPD-O versteht. Therefore I proceed
in English.

Did Zinoviev play any role in this affair?  I ask the question
because some decades ago either Hal Draper or Max Shactman wrote
an article in the U.S. journal _The New International_ entitled,
if I recall, "The Zinovievization of the Comintern".  In that
article, the thesis was presented that Zinoviev had pursued a
policy of centralization, rooting out of "deviations", arbitrary
replacement of local leaderships, etc., during his early
stewardship of the Communist International, and that policy laid
the foundation for the later total subservience of the Comintern
to Stalin. The author's point was precisely that "Stalinism" was
not an affair of Stalin alone.

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